At Caviar Kaspia, the palate is satisfied with a menu which revisits the classics of the Parisian brand. A versatile and constantly evolving enogastronomic proposal. A unique location, a fusion of the ancient and the modern, where your gaze is lost among the hills, rooftops, cupolas and ancient ruins retracing the millennial history of the city. The flavors of Russian cuisine and traditional Italian products encounter, influence and contaminate.


Giovanni Giammarino, born in Rome, trained with Heinz Beck at La Pergola del Rome Cavalieri. After several important experiences in Italy and abroad, he became Head Chef and Executive Chef in important catering firms and hotels. After being Head Chef of the Hotel Me, il Duca di Milano, Giovanni returned to his hometown with Kike Sarasola to create Caviar Kaspia in the palazzo rhinoceros.